Saying goodbye to February 🙋🏻

Roseberry Topping
Saltburn Beach
Angel of the North
Penshaw Monument
Satlburn Beach

Manchester United Football Stadium

It’s almost time to say goodbye to February 2017. February hasn’t been too bad in the sense of wanderlust. I have been doing some thing or another during my weekends and some times also during the week days. 

My highlight of February was going away for the weekend with A. Since he’s moved in with my parents and I, we spend very little time together. So getting away for the full weekend felt like luxury and we had been majorly excited for this. We drove to Manchester to watch a man united game. Last year in October I had bought tickets for his 30th birthday as a surprise. He has always dreamt of watching a live game and I wanted to make it a special one. So despite the cold and the flu, we wrapped up warm and watched the game! Man united one 2-0 which obviously made it even more worth it! Although I don’t watch football nor do I support any particular teams, the atmosphere and crowds were incredibly awesome. 

We then decided to eat at an Asian Cafe/Restaurant called ‘My Lahores’ which is my ultimate favourite due to it’s reasonable pricing and delicious foods. It also remind me of my university days living in Bradford! 

We also spent the other weekends exploring the local and nearby areas such as the Angel of the North, Saltburn Beach and Roseberry Topping. The North east of England really does have some beautiful places. 

If you ever want to visit the North East of England, do get in touch!! I would love to tell you about some of the beautiful places we have! 

The Instagram obession 

The Instagram obsession and addiction is real. I have been obsessed with my cocktailofemotions account for a number of weeks and months. I guess I use it as a platform for share my weird and wonderful travel pictures and stories. I also use it to broaden my knowledge of what’s out there as well as getting inspired by hundreds and thousands of traveller. 

The one thing however that worries me is the amount of hours I can spend looking at people’s profiles and stories. I can easily ignore my nearest and dearest as I edit pictures and am completely absorbed by other peoples lives. It’s a frightening realisation that social media can do that to do. It can save you or destroy you. 
Anyways. It’s Friday. It’s been a long and tedious week of social worker, so I’m going to call it a night. Good night folks. And if you’re on Instagram, do follow our Instagram profile. 

Hey Monschau 🙋🏻

December was a fairly dull month, hence why I didn’t post for All of decemver. however I started January 2017 by surprising my Mom to Germany for her 50th birthday. Yeaaaah, that’s right. I’m a good daughter! She was completely and utterly blown away by the surprise. 

We went for a weekend, Friday to Monday and met my cousin in Germany. She ended up taking us to a few different cities and even Vaals in holland. These were the cities we went to:




Last but not least, Monschau. 

Here is a sneak peek into the details 🙂 overall Germany exceeded my expectations as it was full of quirky little cafes and wonderful architecture. 

Day trip to York 

Aaaahh. A quick train trip to York for the day is the best decision I have made in a while. Despite being cold and rainy, the Christmas decorations and cobble streets were perfect. 

things to do in York:

– The trip to the York Dungeoun is the best thing you could do in York. You can spend about 2 hours and it’s worth £14.95! Especially when it’s cold and windy outside. 
– there are so many beautiful and quirky coffee shops in York that you must try. 
-the boat trip is also a must, however we were not able to do that as it was freezing!

About Amsterdam. 

A mini break to Amsterdam was just perfect in so many ways! Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. The cobbled streets and canals in Amsterdam combined with the crisp autumn leaves hanging over the sides was everything I could have wished for. Along with the best company ever of course and the tastiest crepes accompanied by illy coffee. 

We landed on the Friday, dropped off our luggage and headed straight to Amsterdam, where the streets were echoing of laughter and madness. There were people on foot and people on bicycles. I had never seen so many bicycles in my life. The smell of ‘green’ overpowering and taking over my five senses, making me feel somewhat sick. 

The streets were lit up with Christmas lights and surrounded by people celebrating Halloween. 

Here are some pictures from Amsterdam. What a beauty Amsterdam is. 

My recent trip to Qatar 

Hey you guys. Totally forgot to post about my recent trip to Qatar to see my better half for his 30th birthday. 

After weeks and months of chaos I was quite looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing. And that is exactly what I did. 

Here are some of the pictures: 

I caught the connecting flight from Dubai and went to buy a costa coffee just for their free wifi which was a lot faster than the airport one! 

My first stop was at the Villagio Mall to get me some PF Chang dynamite prawns mmmmm. They the best!! 

The second day entailed of long walks around the Souk Wakrah and sipping my favourite frapaccino! 

I have this weird obsession with chilli fries from Chillis! I ordered them THREE times while I was in Qatar. And it was worth it every time. 

This is just a sneak peak of the better halfs birthday celebrations. 

Fancy celebrations in a pretty location in Qatar. 

The corniche is the most beautiful place in Qatar. I could sit in MIA park for hours! 

I spent the last day hanging out with friends at the Souk. I miss Qatar terribly 😦

Double whammy from casacobana! Yummm. 

Dreaming of Cappadocia 

After visiting a fair few countries over the last 12 months, Cappadocia is hands down the most incredible place I have ever visited or probably will ever visit. From the landscapes to the hot air balloon experience, I could not fault a thing. The only downfall it had for me was the food. After eating the tastiest kebabs I’ve ever eaten in Istanbul, the food was just not the same. 

We only stayed two full days in Cappadocia. Here is what we covered in those days:

Day 1- we woke up early to catch the bus to the hot air ballon at 4.20am. We were driven to a restaurant where we had a not so good breakfast. Following the breakfast we went straight to the hot air balloon ride. It was the most magnificent experience. Magical and heavenly. The breeze was just perfect and the view was crystal clear. 

After the hot air balloon ride, we were transported back to our hotel where we had lots of good breakfast. Once our bellies were full we decided it would be a good Idea to walk from Uchisar to Goreme. Luckily for us, it was a lovely day and the walk was refreshing. 

Once we got to the Goreme area, we booked a ATV for three hours for the sunset. We spent a few hours looking around the markets and enjoyed our surroundings before returning back to our hotel. 

Around 5pm we were collected from the hotel and taken to the ATV place where we were given the most hideous helmets and face masks! A and I shared the ATV and took turns which worked really well for us. Here’s some pictures of what we saw. 

Day2- on day 2 we hired a car and drove all over Cappadocia. It was one of the best experiences ever!! We were able to fit in absolutely loads. Here are some of the places we visited:


Istanbul, Turkey: 3 day itinerary. 

Hi all, so as you you know A and I went to turkey towards the end of July.  We spent 3 days In Istanbul and 3 days in Cappadocia. We always tend to check in before our fights and i got extremely lucky and got upgraded to business class. We flew with Turkish airlines and their service was very impressive. I had plenty of leg room and space! However I must admit I preferred the food going back in economy! 

 We decided to book a hotel called “Mina Hotel” and I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Istanbul. It’s clean, the location is incredible, it’s a 5 minute walk to the blue mosque, the service is pretty good, the food was pretty average and they have recently renovated it so everything looks very new and fresh. 

The view from the roof terrace. 

Day 1:

So during the day one we did absolutely loads, despite the fact that overnight there was a attempted coup. This did not stop the tourists or the locals from going out, exploring and generally having a good time. We left the hotel around 9am and saw the following:

1- hippodrome 

2- German fountains 

3- Blue mosque 

4- Hagia Sophia 

5- Basilica Cistern

6- Topkapi Palace

6- we walked around for miles in the empty streets of the grand bazaar and spice markets. 

We covered a lot in one day and were absolutely shattered by the end but it was totally worth it. Here is a collage of the things we managed to see on day 1:

Day 2:

Day two was slightly chilled out in comparison as we decided to walk down to the Bosphorus river and get a 2 hour boat tour. And this is what we did on day 2:

1- Bosphorus boat tour 

2- Galata tower 

3- Taksim square 

Day 3:

We were slightly confused as to what we should do on day 3 as we had covered so much already. But after consulting with friends that recently visited Istanbul they recommended the following:

1- Eyup sultan mosque 

2- Pierre lottie 

3- explored some more of the sultanehmet area. We came across am amazing restaurant and would really strongly tell people to visit as the views are absolutely incredible. It’s a restaurant called ‘seven hills’. 

Check out our pictures on Instagram 


For lots more pictures! 

Why I take so many photos. 

People must think ‘why on earth does she take so many pictures?’ The truth is o suffer from serious memory issues. I can barely remember my childhood and even have a tendency to forget people from my past. Hence I make an extra effort to take pictures of everything I do and everywhere I go. That way I can look back and remember certain aspects of the day or time. 

I don’t claim to be an amazing photographer, nor do I claim to be an expert in taking pictures. The reality is quite the contrary, I merely take pictures for the sake of the memories. I hope you guys do enjoy them however 🙂

Please do follow me on Instagram if you can spare a few minutes! Travelbug_89 

Young, stupid and in love. 

Me and A went to Cappadocia after our trip to Istanbul and stayed in possibly the best hotel there is in Cappadocia. It’s fair to say it probably cost ‘A’ a bit of a fortune for us to be staying here. The funny thing is we aren’t extremely rich or come from wealthy families, but we spend without thinking. So since arriving in this beautiful hotel, people’s responses have been as follows:

“Oh really” 

“Tell me who you really are”

“That’s a very fancy hotel” 

“That’s a good hotel, the best”

It’s made us cringe a little as we aren’t the type of people to brag, it’s embarrassing to say the least. Oh and it also meant that we were charged twice as much for a taxi Journey due to people assuming we are minted!

Anyway a here’s a pic of #fromwhereisit

I feel extremely blessed to be here. Alhamdulillah