My recent trip to Qatar 

Hey you guys. Totally forgot to post about my recent trip to Qatar to see my better half for his 30th birthday. 

After weeks and months of chaos I was quite looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing. And that is exactly what I did. 

Here are some of the pictures: 

I caught the connecting flight from Dubai and went to buy a costa coffee just for their free wifi which was a lot faster than the airport one! 

My first stop was at the Villagio Mall to get me some PF Chang dynamite prawns mmmmm. They the best!! 

The second day entailed of long walks around the Souk Wakrah and sipping my favourite frapaccino! 

I have this weird obsession with chilli fries from Chillis! I ordered them THREE times while I was in Qatar. And it was worth it every time. 

This is just a sneak peak of the better halfs birthday celebrations. 

Fancy celebrations in a pretty location in Qatar. 

The corniche is the most beautiful place in Qatar. I could sit in MIA park for hours! 

I spent the last day hanging out with friends at the Souk. I miss Qatar terribly 😦

Double whammy from casacobana! Yummm. 

A smoothie week 

Hey fellow bloggers! I feel so annoyed at myself as I always promise myself that I will blog more regularly. Buttttt that hasn’t been the case due to me travelling to Qatar and being busy with the daily commitments of life. 

So a friend of mine from Qatar drinks smoothies quite regularly and puts the photos on social media. After seeing her pictures, I felt so inspired to try it for myself that I went and purchased some fruits and decided to make a smoothie. At this point, I wasn’t eating any fruits whatsoever. Infact I can go weeks and months without fruits so thought this would be a good way of eating fruits. Anywaaays so I went and bought some blueberries and bananas and yoghurt and made this little beauty. And you know what? It tasted absolutely delicious!! 

The following day I made the same thing! Blueberries, banana, honey and milk! 

This was carrots and oranges! Yummm

And I moved onto strawberries and blueberries and banana. This was absolutely yummyyyy. 

Ps. How cute are these little jars? It’s worth the experience in itself! This was left over banana and oranges! 

I will try to blog more about the smoothies and which ones I try in the future. If you have any delicious recipes, please pass them on! I’d appreciate them massively. 

The best ZiZi’s ever! 

Since moving back to England, I haven’t really had the chance to meet up with any of my friends as we have been inundated with family paying their condolences for our loss.
Finally I had the chance to meet a beloved friend yesterday. We decided to go out for the day and walked for 5 miles and visited an old Victorian house. We spent the entire time chatting and catching up; and not paying attention to the house at all.

Before we knew it, it was time to eat! So we decided to pay a visit to the nearest shopping centre. As always we ended up in Zizis. However this time it was different. We managed to annihilate the plates rather quickly.

Continuous drama in the kitchen


My life has gone from one extreme to another. From never entering the kitchen, I have suddenly found myself to be there pretty much all day.

My battles with the pots and pans begin from the very moment I roll out of bed and into the kitchen. The daily routine consists of making breakfast, by breakfast, I mean toast and quick mugs of tea. My cooking skills haven’t yet developed much when it comes to breakfast.

what I have noticed, is that there are always more dishes in the sink than I can bear to see. However one thing is for sure. I have started to enjoy cooking,  despite the fact that sometimes my food couldn’t taste any worse. I enjoy the aroma of spices and herbs in my kitchen, the tears that roll down my cheeks as I slice into an onion, I enjoy listening to British radio as I chop and chuck.

p.s this picture isn’t of my cooking skills. it was taken in an Indian restaurant. I miss eating food that tastes this good!