The Instagram obession 

The Instagram obsession and addiction is real. I have been obsessed with my cocktailofemotions account for a number of weeks and months. I guess I use it as a platform for share my weird and wonderful travel pictures and stories. I also use it to broaden my knowledge of what’s out there as well as getting inspired by hundreds and thousands of traveller. 

The one thing however that worries me is the amount of hours I can spend looking at people’s profiles and stories. I can easily ignore my nearest and dearest as I edit pictures and am completely absorbed by other peoples lives. It’s a frightening realisation that social media can do that to do. It can save you or destroy you. 
Anyways. It’s Friday. It’s been a long and tedious week of social worker, so I’m going to call it a night. Good night folks. And if you’re on Instagram, do follow our Instagram profile. 

The Monday dread. 

After having a somewhat relaxed weekend, my stomach is churning at the thought of going back to work tomorrow. I left work on Friday after dealing with a crisis and spent the entire weekend worrying and fretting about it. And now I am feeling even more anxious about what is awaiting me. 

Social work takes over your life. A service user will never understand just how much your life is impacted by theirs. Or just how much their ups and downs have a knock on impact on your personal life. It’s not a job where you can just switch off and get on with it. It’s not a 9-5 job where you stop thinking about it. There are families and cases that linger on in the background constantly. But I suppose that is what social work is. 

Obnoxious colleagues. 

As I joined my fellow work colleagues for lunch last week, I was unsure about what to eat. The gentleman sitting next to me advised that there was ‘firecracker chicken’ that looked nice, to which I responded ‘oh, I only eat halal meat so I will give it a miss’. The gentleman smiled and continued to eat his jacket potatoe. 

The conversation then led to what everyone was up to over the weekend and people talked about getting ‘pissed’ and ‘hammered’ for the weekend. I just said that the only thing I would be drinking was tea as I don’t drink alcohol. This led to a colleague asking me why that was. So as you do, I explained that I was a Muslim and due to my Religious believes, I did not consume alcohol. The guy eating the jacket potato then said oh ‘alcohol is my religion’ and said it’s all ‘fucking bollocks’ referring to religion and belief. 

At that moment in time, I just sat there feeling numb. This was a social worker having such strong opinions about others belief. The whole values and ethics of being a social worker is to be anti- discriminatory and anti-oppressive. Yet he had the audacity to sit and speak about religion with such disrespect and hatred. 

I mean imagine if I started to have such hateful and aggressive opinion about the fact that his religion is alcohol. No doubt I would be labelled as an extremist or some other bull shit. 


The adrenaline rush that I have been waiting for. 

Hey guys. I feel like it has been so long since I last posted a blog. I guess it’s true, life takes over. But at the same time, it has been a very long time since I have felt passion or enthusiasm for something or anything. Over the last few months I have only felt disappointed and numbness. 

So as it happens, my mum went to a spa with a friend while I was on holiday to see my better half. During her stay, she met a lovely young girl who was telling her about her business. Long story cut short, you know I can’t do long stories to save my life!! This lady is working for ‘forever’. A company that sells cosmetics and various other things. She messaged me today and expressed that this business initiative may be something I would like to get into. So ever since our conversation, I cannot stop thinking about it. Nor can I stop myself from getting excited about something new. God I love a new challenge. 

You see, I have massively missed these strong feelings. Social work has dragged me down instead of lifting me up and deep down I have been yearning for a different opportunity to arise. So I’m wondering, Is this it? Is this my opportunity? Have any of you guys had experience of doing anything like this? Any thoughts? Any suggestions? 

I would very much Appreciate it!
P.s. I have missed blogging so much. Maybe i am back! 

Social Work. 

I have now been a qualified social worker for over a year and can almost relate to the picture posted above. ‘The job is thankless’ is a statement I did not take seriously. However I wish I had taken some notice. As much as I love working with people, children and families, I sometimes question whether I have the mental capacity to keep my shit together. Today was a typical Monday, my colleagues were about to pull their hair out. Too many cases. Too many assessments. Case notes aren’t up to date. The usual drama. 

I don’t know what I’ve become 

Midnight rants

The fact of the matter is, I can’t handle coffee. The caffeine keeps me awake and makes my mind wander. So here I am. Wide awake. The only company I have right now are my thoughts. 

Sometimes I don’t know what I have become. You know when you suffer from slight identity crisis? I’m having one of those episodes. I always thought I was really good at keeping in touch with people. But how very wrong was I. As time goes on, I realise how many people I have left behind. Be it for the right reasons or wrong. I’m finding that relationships are so difficult to maintain. Making the effort, going that extra mile and keeping in touch can become an impossible task when you’re interwined with soaky tasks and chores. My cousin said to me the other day ‘life gets in the way’ and I wonder whether he’s right. Is it that life takes over? Or is it that people no longer become a priority? 

Being Asian. 

Coming from a South Asian background usually tends to be quite chaotic in various aspects. Our lives are never simple or easy. There is always some drama, a strangers wedding, family quarrels, lots of funerals and unnecessary gossiping. I know you may be thinking that’s the norm in all families, but South Asians are generally large families, the bigger the families, the more chaos. 

So over the last few weeks that’s where I have been. I’ve been attending numerous weddings and family get togethers. I’ve somehow been forced to indulge in unnecessary gossiping and back biting. But luckily for me, it’s my time to unwind this weekend. 

What it means to be British. 

I sit here watching the news about Brits causing chaos and hooliganism in France. That is exactly what Britain is these days. That is what being British is essentially these days. Post bombing and terrorism attacks, we all start to put up ‘temporary’ posts of the Eiffel Tower and expressing out bitterness about the terrorist attacks.  Yet when we are physically there, we lose all consciousness and destroy their country. That’s not terrorism, is it not?  

I sit here watching the news about the brutal and barbaric killing of the labour MP Jo Cox. I won’t pretend to know who she was, but now that I know she stood for social justice and human rights, my heart aches and it weeps for such a great loss. A great loss to our country, to our future and for our off Spring.

 What hurts me about this tragic case is that her killer has not been labelled as a terrorist? It is not seen as a hate crime. Had Thomas Mair been called Taimur Mia or Tanvir Majid, I wonder how quickly the media would label him as a ‘terrorist’? This country, my country, our country is becoming full of hatred and unnecessary envy because of politicians and media. People are being brainwashed daily. 

I want to continue to speak about my awkward ordeal with a client during a home visit today. Today I was told by an unemployed lady that we need to vote out of the eu because this immigration needs to stop. “They come and steal ‘our’ jobs”. 

I thought to myself:

A- you’re talking to an immigrants offspring 

B- I’ve paid taxes in ‘our’ country for the last 10-11 years whilst you were sat on your lazy ass enjoying life. 

C- there are bigger issues than immigration in relation to the EU. 

I then had to tell her how a Labour MP was murdered yesterday to which she replied ‘I’m not even interested in politics, I don’t understand it’. 🙄 

I at this moment in time, I have nothing else to say. I’m utterly disappointed and outraged at the direction we are heading to. 

Men that are born idle. 

There are many things that I dislike and despise. As I’m getting older, I’m becoming more bitter, stubborn and opinionated. But the one thing I am beginning to dislike for certain are men that are born idle. Men that think that women need to wipe their ass because they’re too lazy to do it themselves. Men that believe they’re superior solely because of their genital difference. Men that are certain that the kitchen belongs to a woman and vice versa. Men that do not see women on the same hierarchy at them. I really hate that. 

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a feminist. I enjoy and like the concept of being a lady and being treated like one. I find it charming when a gentleman holds a door open and utters the words ‘ladies first’. However despite all of that, I firmly stand by the fact that women are no door mats nor slaves of men who are merely lazy. There should not be an expectation that when a man finishes work, the woman has the food ready. Nor should there be an expectation that the woman is the one who has to change a dirty nappy and so on and so forth.