The Instagram obession 

The Instagram obsession and addiction is real. I have been obsessed with my cocktailofemotions account for a number of weeks and months. I guess I use it as a platform for share my weird and wonderful travel pictures and stories. I also use it to broaden my knowledge of what’s out there as well as getting inspired by hundreds and thousands of traveller. 

The one thing however that worries me is the amount of hours I can spend looking at people’s profiles and stories. I can easily ignore my nearest and dearest as I edit pictures and am completely absorbed by other peoples lives. It’s a frightening realisation that social media can do that to do. It can save you or destroy you. 
Anyways. It’s Friday. It’s been a long and tedious week of social worker, so I’m going to call it a night. Good night folks. And if you’re on Instagram, do follow our Instagram profile. 


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