My recent trip to Qatar 

Hey you guys. Totally forgot to post about my recent trip to Qatar to see my better half for his 30th birthday. 

After weeks and months of chaos I was quite looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing. And that is exactly what I did. 

Here are some of the pictures: 

I caught the connecting flight from Dubai and went to buy a costa coffee just for their free wifi which was a lot faster than the airport one! 

My first stop was at the Villagio Mall to get me some PF Chang dynamite prawns mmmmm. They the best!! 

The second day entailed of long walks around the Souk Wakrah and sipping my favourite frapaccino! 

I have this weird obsession with chilli fries from Chillis! I ordered them THREE times while I was in Qatar. And it was worth it every time. 

This is just a sneak peak of the better halfs birthday celebrations. 

Fancy celebrations in a pretty location in Qatar. 

The corniche is the most beautiful place in Qatar. I could sit in MIA park for hours! 

I spent the last day hanging out with friends at the Souk. I miss Qatar terribly 😦

Double whammy from casacobana! Yummm. 


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