A smoothie week 

Hey fellow bloggers! I feel so annoyed at myself as I always promise myself that I will blog more regularly. Buttttt that hasn’t been the case due to me travelling to Qatar and being busy with the daily commitments of life. 

So a friend of mine from Qatar drinks smoothies quite regularly and puts the photos on social media. After seeing her pictures, I felt so inspired to try it for myself that I went and purchased some fruits and decided to make a smoothie. At this point, I wasn’t eating any fruits whatsoever. Infact I can go weeks and months without fruits so thought this would be a good way of eating fruits. Anywaaays so I went and bought some blueberries and bananas and yoghurt and made this little beauty. And you know what? It tasted absolutely delicious!! 

The following day I made the same thing! Blueberries, banana, honey and milk! 

This was carrots and oranges! Yummm

And I moved onto strawberries and blueberries and banana. This was absolutely yummyyyy. 

Ps. How cute are these little jars? It’s worth the experience in itself! This was left over banana and oranges! 

I will try to blog more about the smoothies and which ones I try in the future. If you have any delicious recipes, please pass them on! I’d appreciate them massively. 


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