The adrenaline rush that I have been waiting for. 

Hey guys. I feel like it has been so long since I last posted a blog. I guess it’s true, life takes over. But at the same time, it has been a very long time since I have felt passion or enthusiasm for something or anything. Over the last few months I have only felt disappointed and numbness. 

So as it happens, my mum went to a spa with a friend while I was on holiday to see my better half. During her stay, she met a lovely young girl who was telling her about her business. Long story cut short, you know I can’t do long stories to save my life!! This lady is working for ‘forever’. A company that sells cosmetics and various other things. She messaged me today and expressed that this business initiative may be something I would like to get into. So ever since our conversation, I cannot stop thinking about it. Nor can I stop myself from getting excited about something new. God I love a new challenge. 

You see, I have massively missed these strong feelings. Social work has dragged me down instead of lifting me up and deep down I have been yearning for a different opportunity to arise. So I’m wondering, Is this it? Is this my opportunity? Have any of you guys had experience of doing anything like this? Any thoughts? Any suggestions? 

I would very much Appreciate it!
P.s. I have missed blogging so much. Maybe i am back! 


4 thoughts on “The adrenaline rush that I have been waiting for. 

  1. Have you already decided what to do? I really think people should try to do something that makes them exited and happy. It may not work out but at least you don’t have to think what if you had taken the opportunity. 🙂

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