Social Work. 

I have now been a qualified social worker for over a year and can almost relate to the picture posted above. ‘The job is thankless’ is a statement I did not take seriously. However I wish I had taken some notice. As much as I love working with people, children and families, I sometimes question whether I have the mental capacity to keep my shit together. Today was a typical Monday, my colleagues were about to pull their hair out. Too many cases. Too many assessments. Case notes aren’t up to date. The usual drama. 


2 thoughts on “Social Work. 

  1. Find something that you find meaningful in all that crap you have to do and hold onto that like it’s the last blade of grass on the earth.
    For me, it came to recognizing I wasn’t going to win the war. However, I could win some pretty good battles which allowed the people I was actually working for to get someplace better.
    And, have an “out” strategy. Keep preparing yourself for the next gig because sure as shit somebody is going to screw this one up.
    Gee, aren’t I just the most positive one today?
    Hang in there. You are doing the work of the Gods.


  2. you know what in an unusual way its nice to know that people feel the same struggle i do and that i am not alone, i may only be a student but as a final year i am given allot of responsibility and it does take its toll. but honestly like you said it is a thankless profession but it has its own rewards, and stepping away from a direct work session clearing out any concerns that i did have before i walked in really does help me sleep at nights. the profession also allows me to count my blessings knowing that no matter how tough life gets there are people with much bigger struggles that need me to remain level headed in order to support them.

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